Lauren is Nine.

Inspired By Down Syndrome

Lauren has come such a long way since December 8, 2007. She was labeled a retard in the hospital, at only a few hours old. I will never forget hearing that from the nurses. I spent 4 hours in recovery. I didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl. I didn’t know if she was ok or where my husband was.

I remember looking at her while I was changing her into preemie Christmas pajamas, and seeing Down syndrome on her face. I knew, even though her doctor was ‘99% positive the tests would be negative’.

On December 14, 2007 we found out that she really did have Down syndrome. And even though I knew it all along, it still killed me. We weren’t told anything – we didn’t even know if she would live. We were just told to take her home. No further appointments were made. It was almost like the dr wasn’t expecting her to survive. The only thing wrong with her at birth (that we knew of) was severe jaundice.

We found out later (after she was 6mos old, when we moved to Minnesota) that she had two heart defects, which were closed successfully with a cath procedure (not Open-Heart surgery) in June 2009.

We had been married only a few months. We were brand new parents. And then Down syndrome. We had no idea how to care for a baby, let alone one with special needs. And since we didn’t have any help (Early Intervention, doctors, etc) we just did the best we could. We took care of her immediate needs and played with her, read to her.

When we moved to Minnesota (and got internet) I found out so much about Down syndrome and Lauren started receiving Early Intervention at 6mos old.

Now, Lauren is in third grade, loves Elena of Avalor, chocolate cake and ice cream, spaghetti and playing her iPad. She loves summertime, when she can get outside and play at the park, especially on the monkey bars.


Inspired By Down Syndrome


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